Third Party Reporting

If you do not wish to report directly to police, you can choose to make a third party report. A third party report allows you to provide information about the assault to police anonymously through a community-based third party agency. This option is available to adult survivors (19 and over).

Third Party Reporting is an option of last resort for survivors who would not otherwise provide information to police. It is not a substitute for a call to 911 or in and of itself, a police investigation. It is not an appropriate reporting option if your safety or the safety of others is at risk.


The Value of Third Party Reporting

Third Party Reporting provides an alternative way to provide important information to authorities that may feel safer for survivors who are hesitant to report to police directly, or mistrustful of the justice system.


How does it work?

If you choose to make a third party report after having all reporting options explained to you, a trained Third Party Reporting Worker who specializes in emotional, practical, and other supports for survivors of sexual assault will give you the TPR Questionnaire to fill out with the information that you are comfortable providing.

The completed TPR form is forwarded to the police agency in the jurisdiction where the report was completed without including any information that would identify you.


Connect with Shannon Cooley Herdman (HSWC), 604-892-5748 ext. 227 in Squamish or Jane Walser (SSCS), 604-698-6909 in Whistler, Pemberton, and Southern Stl’atl’imx communities to learn more about this option.