Howe Sound Women’s Centre Society, Whistler Community Services Society, and the Whistler RCMP have partnered with the Whistler Bar Group to launch the “Don’t Be That Guy” campaign in Whistler. The campaign is a sexual assault prevention initiative developed by Sexual Assault Voices of Edmonton (“SAVE”) to address the issue of alcohol-facilitated sexual assault.

Sexual assault is an issue in our community. According to the Ministry of Public Safety Solicitor General’s publication of BC Crime Trends from 2000-2009, sexual assault occurs in the Sea to Sky region at a rate almost 3 times greater than that of urban centres such as Richmond and the North Shore.

Posters depicting strong visuals and messaging that sex without consent constitutes sexual assault will appear in men’s washrooms in bars and pubs throughout Whistler. The goal of the campaign is to promote awareness, responsible behavior and consent. The posters shift focus from the victim to the perpetrator, holding potential offenders responsible.

The launch of the campaign coincides with the launch of the Sea to Sky Sexual Health Survey, aimed at assessing sexual health services and education, occurrence and conditions of sexual assault, and service use. The survey is open to residents of the Sea to Sky Corridor until February 15, 2014. Take the survey now.


Want to know what you can do to prevent alcohol or drug facilitated sexual assault? Watch “Who Are You?”


Get Support Now:

If you or someone you know has been sexually assaulted, support is available. Please contact any of the following numbers to speak with empathetic and skilled support workers.


Howe Sound Women’s Centre 24 Hour Crisis Line: 1-877-890-5711


Women Against Violence Against Women Rape Crisis Centre 24 Hour Crisis Line: 1-877-392-7583


Stopping the Violence Counselling and Outreach (Squamish) 604-892-5796

(Whistler, Pemberton, First Nations communities north of Pemberton) 1-877-894- 6106


RCMP Victim Services: Squamish 604-892-6100 | Whistler 604-905-1969


Whistler Community Services Society: 604-932-0113


24/7 VictimLink BC Hotline: 1-877-890-5711


B.C. Women’s Sexual Assault Service (Vancouver General Hospital): 1-604-875-2881


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