Pearl’s Place Transition House

24 Hour Crisis Line: 604.892.5711  |  Toll free: 1.877.890.5711

Text option available 604.815.8596


Pearl’s Place Transition House, located in Squamish, is a safe and secure environment for women, children and their pets who are leaving abusive relationships or at risk of experiencing violence and otherwise unsafe living conditions. Abuse can be physical, emotional, sexual, financial, psychological, or verbal.

Services provided at Pearl’s Place Transition House include:
◦ 24 hour/7 day a week crisis line
◦ Food and shelter for women and their children leaving an abusive situation
◦ Phone support, referrals and safety planning prior to entering Pearl’s Place
◦ Transition House and ongoing support after leaving Pearl’s Place Transition House
◦ Support, referrals and advocacy while staying at Pearl’s Place Transition House
◦ Help completing necessary forms and/or applications such as MHSD applications and BC Housing
◦ Referrals and support services for portable housing subsidies to minimize the risk of homelessness for women and their children
◦ Provision of resource materials on violence against women in relationships, the Family Law Act, Ministry of Child and Family Development, Ministry of Health and Ministry of Social Development

We are continuing to support women and children to leave unsafe situations. To do this in a way that keeps everyone safe we will be asking COVID related questions and following promising practices outlined by the BC Society of Transition Houses.


Whistler and Pemberton Safe Home

24 Hour Crisis Line: 1.877.890.5711

The Safe Home offers temporary emergency shelter (typically 10 days) in a safe and secure environment for women and their children who are experiencing abuse in their relationships or at risk of experiencing violence and otherwise unsafe living conditions.

During this time, women are supported in making important decisions regarding their future and can receive emotional and practical support and assistance with issues regarding housing, income assistance and employment.

While the decision to leave or remain in a relationship is yours, know that you are not alone. There are options. If you are experiencing violence or abuse in your relationship, please call our 24 hour crisis line. A trained support worker will help guide you through your options even if you are not ready to end the relationship.

Homeless Prevention Program

The Homeless Prevention Program (HPP) provides rent supplements and support services to women who are fleeing violence, homeless, and at risk of homelessness.

The supplement can assist with:

  • rent
  • damage deposit
  • moving expenses
  • storage of belongings while waiting to move into housing
  • access to utilities
  • home start up items
  • costs that help secure housing and transportation to a housing opportunity

This subsidy is intended to be temporary and used for individuals in market housing where they are not able to pay their rent in full through income alone. The HPP subsidy can also aid women with a one time situational subsidy.

Howe Sound Women’s Centre offers information on other housing subsidies, referrals to housing options, and support services to aid in securing housing.

Please contact a support worker at HSWC for more details and connection to our Homeless Prevention Outreach worker .

Affordable Housing

HSWC has short term (up to one year) affordable housing units for rent in Pemberton for women and children fleeing violence. Tenancy is by application as units become available.

For more information, please contact the Women’s Centre in Squamish (604.892.5748) or Whistler (604.962.8711).

Last year, 66 women and 20 children stayed at the Transition House. More than 250 women called our crisis line seeking emergency housing and support. Many more women remain at risk due to lack of safe housing.

With a donation of just $50, you can provide safe shelter and a fresh start for more women.


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