Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible for governing our organization including overseeing leadership, finances and operations. The Board of Directors ensures the ongoing success and sustainability of Howe Sound Women’s Centre Society, providing visionary leadership and guidance in achieving our strategic direction.

Our dedicated Board Members include:

Karen Millard, President

Jessie Cameron, Vice President

Niki Vankerk, Secretary

Tony Horn, Treasurer

Jeannine Bradshaw, Director

Christine Baker, Director

Cassandra Zerebeski, Director

Message from the Board President

What a gift it has been to be a part of this organization for another year. It has been an honour and privilege to be the president of the Howe Sound Women’s Centre Society. For six years I have been witness to the dedicated care and service of the staff and volunteers of this amazing society. You are a creative, diverse group of individuals caring for the lives and well being of women and children throughout the corridor. From front line workers in transition houses and drop in centres, to counsellors and program directors, all the way to administrative staff, faithful volunteers and the ED, I have seen a dedication to the work of ending violence in the corridor that is immeasurable. Every day you come closer to reaching “a day when all women and their children are valued and lead healthy lives – supported, connected to the community, and violence free.” It has been a pleasure to work closely with Megan Reynolds as ED throughout the last year. I truly believe she has been the perfect fit for this organization at this time. As the president of the board I can tell you that we currently have a dedicated, committed, strong and faithful board at the helm who seek to assist in continuing to build an even stronger organization. As I looked back over the accomplishments of the last years I realized we have created some great dreams and visions that are coming to fruition. At this time last year many of the following were just beginning or about to begin and today we have over a year behind us of:

  • Offering sexual assault response and prevention projects for the Sea to Sky Corridor
  • Building relationships with other community organizations, specifically focusing on efforts to prevent homelessness and improve the affordable housing opportunities within Squamish. The work of the “Integrated Housing Solutions Group” has done a lot of research and as they roll out their findings I am sure we will see a positive impact in Squamish and the corridor.
  • Staff have reported feeling supported and safer in their roles with a new benefits program to support their lives beyond work.
  • Board meetings have become more streamlined and the work of updating board governance policies, constitutions and bylaws is near complete.

As a board, we regularly reflect on the strategic plan which holds four specific goals to assist living out the vision of the society. In the next five years we seek to enhance programming for women, deepen programming for children, expand housing programs, and improve profitability of our business units. I believe that as a society we have taken leaps and bounds to enhance the programs in each of these areas, and have dedicated work happening within each goal. I want to repeat an acknowledgement I made last year. Thank you to all the staff and volunteers for all you do. Daily you work with individuals and families who are facing pain and struggle. Your care for women and children is changing lives and building a better world. I know you face days when your work is hard, discouraging and even depressing and you wonder if it is worth it all. Let me assure you it is. Even if you make one life a little better it is worth all you do.

Remember to “never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world: indeed it’s the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead

Thank you to all who contribute to this amazing organization through work, volunteering, and financial donations. We appreciate all that you do.


Karen Millard, Board President

board president